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YES Bank Mortgage loan Interest Rate (2023)

YES Bank mortgage loan Interest rate

Welcome to the knowledge you are searching YES Bank Mortgage loan Interest Rate here, you get all info related to this topic:- Some private space for yourself, your own space! Owning a home is everyone’s dream. But rising commodity prices put them out of reach for many.

This is where a well-designed mortgage device is a gift from God. Home loans provide us with the funds we need to purchase homes, build homes, renovate or repair existing properties or even purchase land to build homes.

The banking sector attaches great importance to the mortgage industry. With growing infrastructure and strong demand for housing, home loans are offered at very competitive rates. Yes Bank, the bank has a lot of options for customers who want to get a mortgage. It has a very low-interest rate and a high payback period of 35 years. Interest rates range from 9.5% to 12.00%.

YES Bank home Loan Review

YES BANK BANK stands as the fourth largest private bank in India. Their home loans are designed keeping in mind a huge segment of Indian home buyers. They try to offer their customers higher loan rates and lower interest rates with longer repayment periods. Here are some reasons why you should choose YES BANK  for your home loan;-
⦁ Yes Bank bank offers a long repayment period of 35 years to pay comfortable EMI every month
⦁ It allows you to get a maximum loan amount of up to 500 lakhs to help you buy your dream home.
⦁ It offers loan rates up to 90% of the purchase price
⦁ self-employment of entrepreneurs and home loans
⦁ Option to prepay full or partial payment of your loan
⦁ In addition, both types of down payments (subject to higher loan amounts) are zero down payments.
⦁ Home Service to give you banking from the comfort of your own home
⦁ Speed up the loan process
⦁ Facility to transfer balances from other banks at attractive interest rates

YES Bank Mortgage loan Interest Rate

Yes Bank Bank Personal Loan Customer Care – Toll Free Number

The toll-free number is 1800 12000 If you have any doubts about the personal loan waiver process, personal loan EMI calculation or anything related to personal loans, you can call the bank’s toll-free number and get a quick response the table below shows Yes Bank Bank customer service department statistics;-

  • Toll-free number 1800 1200
  • While calling from abroad +91 22 4935 0000
  • While calling from the USA 1833 380 0149
  • While calling from Canada 1833 491 0559
  • While calling from the UK 800 048 9153
  • While calling from the UAE 8000 3570 2510
  • Board line Numbers + 91 22 5091 9800 and + 91 22 6507 9800
  • Email address Yes [email protected] Bankbank.in
  • SMS support +91 9552220020
  • Email address for Northern Regional Corporate Office Yes [email protected] Bankbank.in
  • Email address for Abu Dhabi Representative Office [email protected] Bankbank.in
  • Email address for Corporate Office Yes [email protected] Bankbank.in


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Yes, Bank How do I apply for a personal loan from a bank?
You can apply for a personal loan by visiting the official website of Yes Bank Bank and visiting the personal loan section. You will see a link that says “Apply for a personal loan”. Click on it, and you will be taken to another page where you will have to fill out and submit the form.

The bank will review the application and call you. You will need to provide the required documentation. If the documents you provide are found to be correct, the lender will immediately transfer the loan amount to your bank account.

Yes Bank How do I apply for a personal loan from a bank?
YES Bank Mortgage loan Interest Rate:- You can also apply for a personal loan by logging into the Yes Bank Bank mobile app.

Yes Bank How do I apply for a personal loan from a bank?
You can also visit the nearest branch of Yes Bank Bank with the required documents. Bank representatives will help you through the personal loan application process.

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How do I update my email ID?
You can update your email ID by calling Yees Bank’s toll-free customer service number 1800 1200 and contacting a customer service representative to request your new email ID.

How do I update my email ID?
You can also request to update your email ID by sending an email to Yes [email protected] Bankbank.in. You can also text the CUST ID of the ‘HELP’ department to +91 9552220020. The Customer Service Manager will contact you and help you in the process of updating your email ID.


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