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Why galileo galilei was famous His biography 2021

Hey the readers, How are you i hope you guys are fine and going well. So What the topic we find Today ? Its about the famous Scientist Galileo Galilei. What the reason behind , Why Galileo galilei was famous ? Who is he ? Where he born ? why he called father of Science here i clear you all the queries about the famous scientist Galileo Galilei.

why galileo galilei was famous

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If you want to know Who is Galileo Galilei then you must keep your mind in peace and read my particular blog patiently. Now lets get start the information about why Galileo galilei was famous .

Who is Galileo Galilei ? Why he was famous ?

Galileo Galilei :- Galileo Galilei is a Italian philosopher , Also a great astronomer and a mathematician. His birth place in pisa Present in Italy. He born in 15 February 1564 , He give the great fundamentals contribution toward fields of astronomer and physics in science.Firstly He is also develop the strength of materials, and to development in scientific product . He finds out the theories of circular intertia , parabolic motion of bodies , law of falling bodies and etc.

His experiments and improvement in telescope help to understand the world . Galileo discover the motion of object. In That time a theory is running the heavier object is falling fast then lighter object but Galileo is not satisfied with that so he take some different size and weight of balls and start experiment with that. He rolled them down from a ramp and discover the speed of a object is depend in their mass and area. He also find that a object when we through it in air its travel in parabola.

On this time , he is also working with pendulums . Galileo also observe the motion of pendulum and improve it . In 1602 He discover that the time taken to swing down and forth is not depend on arc of pendulum. In the ending of his life he discover the first pendulum clock.

Some experiments make Galileo Galilie great

Here is the some experiment prove that why Galileo Galilie was famous and why he is called father of science.


Firstly, Galileo telescope :-

Galileo is not firstly discover the telescope. Hans Lippershay applied firstly for telescope patents in 1608, Galileo do improvement on it and make several changes . In 1609 he learn about the existence of spyglass. After that he start to make his own lenses by polishing and grind the glasses. His telescope allowed him to view 8 times zoom and normally spyglass only have 3 times zoom.

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He was the man who fist see the craters of moon , discover sunspots , Tracked the phases of Venus. Some more interesting facts is that he see the rings of Saturn planet. He also saw the moon in Jupiter planet now a day its called the Galileo moons.

His discoveries are great that is the reason why galileo galilei was famous .

Copernican system :-

In the time of Galileo , all celestial bodies are thought to the orbit tot the earth. Supported by the Catholic Church, teaching opposite of this system was declared heresy in 1615.

But Galileo did not agree. His research about the phases of Venus and the fact of Jupiter moons show that they didn’t orbit earth. Copernican system state that the earth and other planet circle the sun.

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After all the controversies he found guilty and took jail for nine years .

But his Copernican system published.

So the guys i hope you really like to read this

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