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What is sublimation printing ? Easy guide 2021

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In today’s post, I have covered a printing method called sublimation printing I will tell you what is it and what thing we need to do sublimation printing so let’s get started with what is sublimation printing

Sublimation process:- It is a process where any matter goes gas from solid without going through its liquid state. Sublimation is an endothermic process that occurs when the temperature is very high and cold, It also depends on pressure. All matter has a different state and every matter have made with particles, particles are the smallest unit of matter. Matter states depend on particles’ position.

If particles are close enough and have no space between them then it has to be in solid-state and have any little space between in particles it is in the liquid state and if they have more space then it comes in the gas state.

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We can change the state of matter by temperature change and pressure applications. In the sublimation process want to change a solid directly into gas then must need a high temperature because when the temperature increases the particles of matter absorb the heat and give the particles enough energy to overcome the attracting force to moves quickly and go far from each other.

When low pressure occurs in matter space between the particles of matter also increases rapidly.

sublimation process
images source is commons.wikimedia.org
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Examples of sublimation

Carbon dioxide:- Carbon dioxide is found in our environment in gas form but in the state of solid, it’s called dry ice used by ice factories and fire extinguishers. When the temperature is become less than -78 degrees the carbon dioxide gas freeze and form a solid-state.

Water:- When the water is in the form of ice and directly changes into vapor without going to the liquid state due to the high temperature.

Naphthalene:- It is a medicine used to remove the pesticide from the clothes and found in mothballs. It is sublime because made from the non polar molecules. The atmospheric pressure of Naphthalene balls are high they can evaporate directly into gas form in room temperature

what is sublimation printing
images source is commons.wikimedia.org

What is the sublimation printing process?

What is Sublimation Printing:- It’s a printing process also Known as dye sublimation and on-demand printing, it is new and on-demand printing, It’s different from other printing methods, it is not a complex printing method its easy and cost-efficient method of printing.

Its also called a heat transfer method where need heat to transfer the dye into the fabric and any substrate the way of sublimation is the creative method of printing where creating the design in colorful images.

Sublimation ink is used in sublimation printing ,Ink is made a chemical bond with synthetics fibre and substrate. Synthetics means the the polyesters fabric or polymer coated, Dark colour fabric is also not good for it. What is sublimation printing.

Cotton fabrics also is not use in sublimation printing.

The thing we need to start a sublimation printing In the vast universe there is a huge number of machines. sublimation machine details for starters? today is a lot of people and the young generation wear a lot of t-shirts and designer clothes. The demand for those things increases quickly so if you are interested in starting a printing business you are confused about what is best for you so you are in right place. Here i tell you some tips and tricks to start a business of printing and What is sublimation printing.

sublimation machine details for starters?

what is sublimation printing

Here we research some websites and some platforms for you to find where your money you have to invest your money and your time is very important for us so we don”t give you any wrong suggestions. Its deeply researched and trusted and fully working machines.

If you want to learn a little bit more about the printing business check out my latest post how to make design on pc In this post, i told you about the process of design and printing on t shirt.

Here is the listed number of best sublimation machine details

List machines are very helpful for young students and new commerce who are interested to make their career in the printing business.

1. Sublimation printers

Sublimation printers are the normal ink tank printer you can buy any cheap or expensive printer and use it for sublimation printing by filling up with sublimation ink my recommendation is to use Epson printer because its printing cost is low and quality is much better than any other printer sublimation ink transfer method is the first and cheap method to print white and light color clothes.

2. Sublimation papers

kindly don’t print to any plain paper you must need a sublimation paper don’t worry it’s not must expensive there are varieties of paper you must know about them.

  1. sublimation simple paper
  2. dark fabric heat transfer paper
  3. light fabric heat transfer paper
  4. vinyl paper

sublimation simple paper:- its simple sublimation paper used for print light color fabric it’s print in polyester and readymade clothes when we put in a heat press machine the fabric capture the ink particles from paper and make a waterproof design on fabric.

dark fabric heat transfer paper:- this paper is used to transfer the images or design into dark color fabric is a coated paper when we heat it the coat is transferred to fabric and your design will be printed.

light fabric heat transfer paper:- this paper help to print light color fabric this is a coated paper similarly used as dark transfer paper

vinyl paper: its a paper you don’t have to print any design on it you can make your own design by using of it and its also cheap and quick method but you must need an important tool for it and the tool is a cutting machine.

3. Heat press machine

what is sublimation printing

The heat press machine is a part of the printing business because without it you can’t transfer any kind of design in any fabric when you give heat to a fabric and the paper transfer the coating from paper to fabric . there are varieties of heat press machines available in industries which are best for you so my recommendation is that you can use a combo heat press machine because you can easily transfer the design in several flat and rounded surfaces combo machines include plate and mug t-shirt and key chain and different types of printing molds are available its cheaper anyone can buy it.

why i am saying your printing business is good because you can work with your creative mind you can discover daily a new thing and new design.No need to go anywhere just sit at your home and work it.

Why do we need sublimation printing?

Advantages of sublimation printing

Simple and Easy handle:- Sublime method is easy and anyone can operate it manually and single hand.

Low mess:- no need to worry about the mess of color because is a mess only a little bit clean needed.

Low maintenance:- no need to maintain every day only check some times for jams and etc.

Productivity:- you can print in lots of apparels in demand by customers

Cost:- Depending on you what you charge with your customers’.

image source is pixy.org

Can any printer use to sublimation?

If we say that any printer can be used as sublimation then it is wrong because every printer have their unique feature specially made for different purpose and work,

Example:- The laser printer is used to print fast and good quality images it used the technology where the powder ink is used, This printer heats the powder ink and evaporate it directly into vapor to print on paper Next is can we use all type of ink tank printer my answer is no because every brand of printer used different type of technology for.

Example:- there is a most popular brand like Hp, Canon, Brother, and Epson printer. All printer company is different and the products of their company and different.

which printers are good for sublimation?

Hp Printer:- Hp ink tank print is used not to use as a sublimation printer because it use a thermal heat printing process. If you use sublimation ink it can’t print good quality images and text. The image is not clear then how it can be used to print.

Brother printer:-Brother printer can be used as a sublimation printer but problem is that not any sublimation ink for the brother printer and doesn’t have any replaceable cartridges. If you use sublimation ink the image is not to be clear and we need fine images to sublimate

Canon printer:- Are canon printer is good for sublimation can we use them as a sublimation printer then I simply replied No because its uses a thermal heat process which gives it a negative impact when the use of sublimation ink

can we use Epson printer as a sublimation printer? the answer is to use but there is the certain condition that

when we use sublimation ink warranty of the company is over and no tech support will provide but the cost is low so you can handle the risk there are so many models you can use as a sublimation printer

Hello, guys today i am going to show Sublimation printers/Best/high durability Sublimation printer plays an important role in printing work. its like the heart of any sublimation work… so what sublimation printer should we buy it depending on which type of market you have if you start a sublimation work then you must choose low budget printer.

Some low budget printer is given below

1. Epson l130

2. Epson eco tank 1301

3. Epson 3152

4. Epson l805

5.Epson l3110


Epson l130 printer

This is best printer for and good for beginners

its a ink tank high quality printer

with only print technology

its working with usb 2.0

print speed upto 27 page per minute black and 15 page per minute colour

picture quality is best and page costing is low

print resolution 5760 dpi

Epson ink tank 3101 printer

Epson eco tank printer super low costing prints with high perfomance

Do lots of work with Epson’s economical and multifunctional printing solutions for business

—the EcoTank L3101—bring productivity and low cost

spill free simple refillable refills

extra features include borderless 4R printing and an ultra-high yield of

7,500 coloured and 4,500 black-and-white pages. Cost per print- 7 paise (Black) and 18 paise (Colour)

Compact ink tank design

High yield ink bottles

Spill-free, error free

border less printing

Epson l3152

Epson l 3152 is also a good printer low cost high perfomance speed and quality is very good

wifi usb connectivity support

print speed 33 pages per minute black and 15 pages per minute colour

cost per page 7 paise for black and 18 paise for colour

print resolution 5760 dpi

best high yield printer

border less printer

best for sublimation printing

Epson l805

Sublimation printers/Best/high durability

Best printer with high capacity ink wifi supportable wireless printer with extra fast speed printer best for sublimation printing single function ink printer super photo quality borderless printing and space saver easy to handle easy refillable ink tanks no spills print resolution 5760 dpi

Epson l3110

Epson printer is best of sublimation work its quality is excellent and speed is good also its cost is cheap it is a wifi and usb support printer its support usb 2.0 it can print 33 pages black and white and 15colour pages per minute cost per page black 7 paise and color 18 paise refill type ink and bottle best use for home and office print resolution 5760 dpi

Thanks so much guys read for more information check the source of my content

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