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What is pesticide?

What is pesticide?

Friend, I want to tell that pesticide is a kind of chemical substance which is commonly used in plants to kill insects etc.

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How the word pesticide was coined?
Researchers believe that pesticide is all derived from the Latin word “caide” which simply means “to kill”.

Where are pesticides used?
We can say that a pesticide is a kind of chemical or biological agent which is generally used to kill bacteria and antimicrobial germs etc.  Pesticide is not a new invention, it is believed that even in ancient times, when people used to do farming, their plants used to get germs in their fields, which ruined their crops, so even in ancient times, even in ancient times, people used to do so much. People also used arsenic as a pesticide to protect crops etc. from insects and to save their crops from being ruined. It is believed that in ancient times a mixture of Arsenic and Mercury was also used to kill Xu and three etc. It is believed that in ancient times the people of many other countries such as Greek and Roman, to protect themselves and their animals and their crops and grains from other types of insects, people there used oil and ash and other types of insects. also used a mixture of other things. It is believed by other researchers that by the end of the 19th century, researchers focused on making pesticides by natural technology, and finally succeeded in that. In 1940, Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane (DDT) was discovered Which was considered the world’s first and most effective pesticide. This pesticide was very effective as well as very effective, so the manufacture and use of this pesticide was very fast. But after using it for about 19-20 years, due to the effect on animals in some countries and in view of human safety, pesticide was banned in about 85 to 86 countries. / classification of pesticide

Classification of Pesticides?

We classify pesticides mainly on the basis of how they are used. Pesticides are used in India not only to prevent crop damage but also to prevent the spread of various other diseases. We differentiate pesticide according to different types of germs.

Insecticide :- In the use of Insect.
Herbicide: Uses of Herb Plants.
Rodenticide: – (Rodent) means used to kill rats.
Bacticide: – Uses to kill bacteria.
Fungicide: – Used to kill fungus.

Is it OK to Use Pesticides?

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Not at all, the use of pesticides is very dangerous for our health, it causes a lot of damage to our crops. Pesticides are commonly used to protect their crops from plant-borne insects, insects and rats, but many farmers and laborers have been exposed to it while spraying several times. According to researchers, it is believed that in the past years, pesticide is being used in much higher than average quantities, it is very harmful to our health. The use of pesticides has been completely banned in many countries.

Pay Attention When Buying Pesticides?
Many times the farmer brothers buy a lot of pesticide while buying it. We shouldn’t have to do this once I buy as much pesticide as I need.
Keep in mind that whatever packet or CC of pesticide is taken, pay attention that it should not be torn or CC leakage from anywhere.
Always get the pesticides at a reasonable price, don’t buy the pesticide without the approved level.

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