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Soggy Biscuit || Soggy Biscuit Games 2023

Soggy Biscuit 

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A supposed game where men masturbate each other in a circle, ejaculating onto a biscuit (or cookie or other food), with the last person to ejaculate forced to eat the biscuit; it is associated mainly with all-male hazing in environments like boarding schools and military training. 

Soggy Biscuit

Soggy Biscuit Games

A game where 5-10 straight men lounge around a little table and jack off onto a roll. The standards are basic, the final remaining one to cum needs to eat the roll. The soaked bread roll game is a game where 5 to 10 men jack off around a table onto a bread roll.

Soggy-biscuit definition

Words near soggy-biscuit in the Dictionary:-

  • so-help-me-god
  • sogdianite
  • sogginess
  • soggy
  • soggy-biscuit
  • Sognefjord
  • sogo-shosha
  • soger
  • sogged
  • soggily

Soggy Biscuit Meme

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The term “soggy biscuit” may have originated in Australia in the 1960s. Best trending Soggy Biscuit Meme. Soggy Biscuit is a game in which boys purportedly masturbate on a biscuit.

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