Satellite Map that shows Property lines Free [Update 2024]

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Satellite Map that shows Property lines Free

Successful landscape design begins with an “in-depth analysis” of a property’s current conditions. This initial property analysis allows the designer to identify the site’s constraints while addressing a client’s design wish list.

Starting with a Plat of Survey

Typically, landscape designs begin with “Plat of Survey” documents prepared by a licensed surveyor. This survey acts as a base layer where a landscape designer can prepare a new design utilizing the existing site conditions.

Using an official survey allows for extreme accuracy in the design. However, preparing an official survey is expensive, and not all homeowners, especially new homebuyers, can afford it.

Utilizing Free Satellite and Property Information

With the vast improvement and availability of free satellite and property information, landscape designers can utilize these tools throughout the design process. Satellite imagery provides remarkable detail and context about where the design site is situated.

Additionally, these tools help obtain property dimensions, calculate average square-footage costs, measure surrounding building heights, and even identify existing tree species.

Benefits of Satellite Imagery in Landscape Design

Accurate Property Dimensions: Satellite imagery helps obtain precise property dimensions without an official survey.
Contextual Detail:Provides essential context about the site’s surroundings.
Cost Estimation: Calculate average square footage costs for more accurate project budgeting.
Height Measurements:Measure surrounding building heights to ensure design harmony.
Tree Identification:Identify existing tree species to incorporate them into the design or plan for their relocation.
Initial Quotes:These tools help provide clients with an initial quote for design services, making the process more transparent and efficient.

Reliable Tools for Landscape Designers

The following resources have become indispensable for landscape designers and can be utilized throughout the design process to serve clients better:

  1. Google Earth
  2. Google Maps
  3. GIS Websites
  4. OnXmaps
  5. LandGlide

These tools enhance the design process and make professional landscape design more accessible to homeowners.

By leveraging these free resources, landscape designers can deliver high-quality, accurate, cost-effective designs that meet their clients’ needs and expectations.

You can access free satellite maps that show property lines using the following tools and websites:

  1. Google Earth:
  • Google Earth provides satellite imagery and allows you to overlay different data layers, including property lines in some regions.
  • How to use: Download and install Google Earth. Search for the desired location and use the “Layers” panel to enable property lines if available.
  1. Google Maps:
  • Google Maps offers satellite views and sometimes displays property boundaries.
  • How to use: Go to Google Maps, switch to “Satellite” view, and search for the address or location. Zoom in to see if property lines are displayed.
  1. GIS (Geographic Information System) websites:
  • Many counties and municipalities have GIS websites that provide detailed property information, including boundaries, for free.
  • How to use: Search for the GIS website of the county or city you are interested in. These websites typically have a map tool that allows you to view property lines.
  1. OnXmaps:
  • OnXmaps offers a free trial and provides detailed maps with property lines.
  • How to use: Visit the OnXmaps website, sign up for a free trial, and use their online mapping tool to view property boundaries.
  1. LandGlide:
  • LandGlide offers a free trial period and shows property boundaries and owner information.
  • How to use: Download the LandGlide app, sign up for a free trial, and search for your desired location to view property lines.

These tools can help you find and view property lines for free, though the level of detail and availability may vary by region.


What is the best free app for finding property lines?

LandGlide® is the most advanced and comprehensive parcel data.

How do I map a property on Google Maps?

Adding a Missing Place on Google Maps
Open Google Maps.
Search for the address of the missing place.
Click “Add a missing place”.
That’s it! You’ve successfully added a missing place on Google Maps.

What is the cost of Google Earth Pro?

It is free of charge and can be installed on a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

satellite map that shows property lines free online

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