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Most Disliked Video on Youtube in India 2021-22

Most Disliked Video on Youtube in India

Hello, friends welcome to this interesting blog I know you want to know the Most Disliked Video on Youtube in India 2021  and This list of most-disliked YouTube videos contains the top 5 videos with the most dislikes in India 2021 last. All Videos Dislike get on his behavior and illegal activities and the public gave dislike to his video and that all videos have gone make records in More popular dislike videos in 2021.

The dislike count is taken directly from the Google, Youtube & Wikipedia Sources So, without wasting, any of your times let me known the most-disliked YouTube videos in India 2021 and if you like this blog this then doesn’t forget to share with your friends and comment down and share your experiences with us.

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Most Disliked Video on Youtube in India 2021

The following table lists the top 5 most disliked videos on YouTube in India 2021:-

1)- Mr Faisu Dislike on This videos is 3.7M+
2)- Kunal Kamra Dislike on This videos is 2.4M
3)- Amir Siddiqui  Dislike 1M+ as in 2021
4)- Muzik247 989K+ Dislike
5)- SIMMBA:Song 6,34,000 dislikes

1)- Mr Faisu (Exploring Shillong | Shoot Diaries | Mr Faisu)

In this videos Mr Fiasu Share your first YouTube video of my recent trip to Shillong for the shoot of Bewafaai Song with the T-Series Team before the lockdown started in 2020 and He shared all his experiences about this journey & More things in this Videos but he gets 25,959,868 views•May 14, 2020 and Likes:- 593K and Mr Faisu Videos Dislike is 3.7M+.

2)- Kunal Kamra  (Aaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!)

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Mr Kunal Kamra Indian comedian he wanted to become a part of the entire ‘roasting’ trend CarryMinati in this video, Kamra joked about how Nagar got famous by simply abusing throughout his video and that wasn’t a real comedy but he cant thinks he gets more dislike on his videos So View on this videos is 11,499,887 views•May 29, 2020 and Likes 414K and Dislike on This videos is 2.4M.

3)- Amir Siddiqui (Amir Siddiqui reply to Carry | YouTubers vs Tiktokers | Spread Peace, Remove Hate)

The story before the INTERVAL is here.
Roasting is fine, but Cyberbullying is not! Wake Up, it’s 2020! Let’s Spread Peace and Love guys!

I am creating this video to END this HATE.
Please Stop all the hate, let’s not create Hate amongst YouTube and TikTok.

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In these videos, 6,455,086 views•and Upload Premiered May 14, 2020, and Gets likes on this videos 115K and Gets Dislike 1M+ as in 2021.

4)- Muzik247 (Oru Adaar Love: Freak Penne Rap Song)

This Videos became the most disliked song in the history of youtube Indian. In this videos 42,365,339 views•and, this video was uploaded Sep 20, 2018, and gets 346K likes and This video gets 989K+ Dislike.

5)- SIMMBA: Aankh Marey by T-Series

Presenting the video song “Aankh Marey” with Lyrics from the Bollywood Movie Simmba, The movie features Ranveer Singh, Unfortunately, this video got over 6,34,000 dislikes, which is understandable considering the video got over 839 million views.


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