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Magnetic effect of electric current 2022 fast and quick revision

Magnetic effect of electric current 2020

Hello readers, How are you ? are you searching for The full topic of the Magnetic effect of electric current 2020 class 10th ? If yes then you are in the right blog and platform.

Magnetic effect of electric current 2020

I will make sure that you will get all the important information about what is the magnetic effect of electric current 2020

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Have you ever seen a magnet, Of course! Yes But do you know how its work and why it is used in most the technical machines

From my point of view everything Which looks simple, Behind it a great scientific phenomenon is work .

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In this particular blog, we will learn about the Magnetic effect of electric current 2020 and the Working of magnets and their properties.

According to class 10th, CBSE pattern  Here are topics Which are included are as follow:-

Firstly, we will know about, What is a magnet? with their properties. ✔

Secondly, we learn about what is exactly a magnetic field and the uses of magnets for various purposes. ✔

Thirdly, Properties of magnetic field and rules including in class 10th magnetic effect of electric current 2020 by famous scientists ✔

Finally, we will discuss Electromagnets So you guys really excited to know so let us begin:-

What is the Magnetic Effect of electric current? What are magnets

Before getting knowledge about the Magnetic effect of electric current 2020. Firstly, we should know about What is Magnets and its properties

Magnetic effect of electric current

What are magnets:- Magnets are an object made up of rock or iron and have a field around them, which attracts certain kinds of materials such as iron, cobalt & nickel.

Magnets have two poles commonly known as south-north poles, opposite poles attract each other and negative poles repel.

Extra points:- Lodestone is a metal that has naturally occurring magnetic properties, Properties of the magnetic field are firstly discovered in lodestone.

Strong magnets are neodymium magnets, Flexible and rubber magnets are weak magnets.

Three types of Properties of Magnets we should know:-

Attractive properties:- All magnets attract certain kinds of metal, if any metal comes into the range of magnetic field produced by a magnet it attracts. Magnets attract ferromagnetic materials like iron, cobalt, etc.

Repulsive properties:- Magnets have like and unlike poles, like magnets poles repel each other and unlike poles attract each other.

Directive properties :- A freely move magnet always points in the north direction.

Magnetic effect of electric current 2020

Use of magnets:-

Magnets are really useful for us However, Magnets use in some of the home appliances we used in our daily life as follow:-

In refrigerators, speaker, cassettes, headphones, earphones, toys, hard disk floppies, etc

Directive properties of magnets used to make a Device called a compass, Compass has a needle tip of needle made up with magnets always point to north direction.

Extra point:- Magnetars is the Strongest magnet of the universe form after the supernova explosion.

What is a Magnetic field? What are magnetic field lines?

If you are enjoying and really Like to know to learn more stay read …..stay blessed  here are many topics in the chapter Magnetic effect of electric current

Magnetic field:- A area covered by a magnet where we feel magnetic effects and any ferromagnetic material come into this area its attract,

This area is a field created by a magnet known as a magnetic field.

Magnetic field lines:- Magnetic field lines are imaginary lines that indicate the magnetic field of magnets. It is a pattern visible when we put the iron filling in a magnet.

It is also detected by compass. Magnetic fields have direction and magnitude We can define field lines in two ways the direction of field lines and strength of field lines:-

How can we define the direction of field lines?

The direction of field lines outside of magnets always goes North pole to South pole, and the direction of field lines inside of magnets always goes South pole to North pole.

Therefore, How can we define the strength of field lines?

In this case, we see how close the magnetic lines to the magnets , because it shows the relation of strength i.e the closeness of lines show the higher force of magnets and far lines show the lower force of magnets

Properties of magnetic field :-


The properties of a magnetic field are as follow:-

Firstly, Magnetic lines do not intersect with each other Secondly, Magnetic lines emerge from the north pole of a magnet to merge at the south pole of magnet Therefore, the Magnetic field line form a close curve

Magnetic field lines form due to carrying current in a straight conductor

Magnetic field lines form by the straight conductor is like concentric circle, The direction of field lines depends on the direction of flow on electric current.

when the electric current-carrying conductor is suspended vertically and the current flowing south to north.

In this case, the direction of the magnetic field is anti-clockwise,

Similarly, If the current flows from north to south, the direction will be clockwise.

The direction of the magnetic field in relation of current-carrying straight conductor can be defined by right-hand thumb rule;

Extra point:- The magnetic field of the earth is 1000 times weaker than bar magnets.

Right hand thumb rule :- This rule indicate that when we put current carrying conductor by our right hand , and keeping our thumb straight,

If the direction of the electric current is the same as the direction of the thumb, the direction of the magnetic field line will be the direction of the wrapping finger.

Maxwell’s Corkscrew rule:- This rule indicates that when we put a screw and movement of screw in the forward direction it shows the direction of the current and rotating direction is called the direction of the field.

Properties of the magnetic line during current-carrying straight conductors

The magnitude of field lines is directly proportionate to electric current, In case the electric current increases magnitude is increased.

The magnitude of field lines is inversely proportionate to its distance, In case the direction is decreased the magnitude is increase.

Magnetic field lines is always parallel to each other.

Lines do not intersect each other.

Magnetic field lines during current-carrying through a circular loop

Magnetic effect of electric current 2020

So dear student , we studied about the magnetic field lines and magnetic field lines during current carrying straight conductor now is time to learn.

How magnetic field lines will be formed after carrying current in a circular loop, If you think it’s difficult?

Obviously no! Magnetic field lines form by the circular loop is the same as the straight conductor

The closest Magnetic field lines from the conductor are strongest and in distance, the loop of a magnetic field is increased, Finally, the lines will be straight in the middle of a conductor.

You can also determine the magnetic field lines by the Right-hand thumb rule,

Clock Face Rule: A current-carrying loop works like a disc magnet. The polarity of this magnet can be easily understood with the help of the Clock Face Rule.

If the current is flowing in an anti-clockwise direction, then the face of the loop shows the north pole. On the other hand, if the current is flowing in a clockwise direction, then the face of the loop shows the south pole.

The strength of the magnetic field at the center of loop depends on :-

The radius of coil:- The strength of the magnetic field is inversely proportional to the radius of the coil. Radius is increase the magnetic strength at the center decreases.

The number of turns in the coil:- As the number of turns in the coil increase, the magnetic strength at the center increase. because the current in each circular turn is having the same direction, thus the field due to each turn adds up.

Strength of current flow:- The strength of the current is increased, the magnetic field also increases.

Magnetic field during solenoid:-

What is a solenoid:- A solenoid is a tool or coil with many turns of insulated copper wire wrapped in the shape of a cylinder.

A solenoid with a carrying current produces the same magnetic field lines as a bar magnet produces. They have two poles north and south poles like a bar magnet.

Properties of magnetic field lines of solenoid:-

Inside the solenoid, magnetic field lines are parallel to each other the strength of the magnetic field is dependent on the number of coils turned in the solenoid it is directly proportionate to it.

we can make a magnet using a magnetic material put inside it, during the strong magnetic field it converts into a magnet called an electromagnet.

Electromagnet:- An electromagnet consists of a long coil insulated copper wire wrapped on a soft iron core.

Fleming’s Left-hand thumb rule:-  The direction of electric current perpendicular to the direction of magnetic force

The Fleming’s Left Hand Rule states that if the left hand is stretched in a way that the index finger, The middle finger, and the thumb are in mutually perpendicular directions, then the index finger and middle finger of a stretched left hand shows the direction of magnetic field and direction of electric current respectively and the thumb shows the direction of motion or force acting on the conductor.

The directions of electric current, magnetic field and force are similar to three mutually perpendicular axes.


Electric Motor:- A device that converts electric energy to mechanical energy.

Principle of the electric motor:- When a rectangular coil is placed in a magnetic field and a current passed it,

forces act on the coil, which rotates it continuously, when it rotates the shaft attached with it also rotates.

Electromagnetic induction:- When electricity is produced by magnetism is called Electromagnetic induction

Electrical generator:- A device that converts mechanical energy to electric energy.

Two types of generators:-

A.C generator

D.C generator

Generator work in Electromagnetic induction principle

We received electric supply through mains supported through the poles or cables,

In our house, we receive AC power of 220 V with a frequency of 50 Hz

3 wires:-

Live wire – Red insulated wire positive

Neutral wire – Black insulated wire negative

Earth wire – Green insulated

Short circuit:- when the live wire and the neutral wire are touching they will short circuit.

Fuse:- It is a protective device used to prevent short-circuiting and overloading So now we ended the chapter Magnetic effect of electric current 2020 I hope you guys understand the concept of the topic Stay blessed Stay enjoy.

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