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Josh App Review, Owner, Download, Features & More

Introduction Josh App Review

So let’s talk that what’s is Josh actually, Josh is a short video sharing app where user can share any of their short creation with the rest of Indian. In this article, I will give a Full review of Josh Apps in segments. First, we will talk about what is Josh in brief then the history and present condition of Josh then-future of Josh and then we will talk about features like UI, Performance, Video quality and security and finally a conclusion.

What is the Josh app Review?

Josh app is a short video sharing social media platform which offers you to share short videos with the rest of India in 14 Indian languages. It was founded after the ban of tik-tok and got great recognition among the creators and viewers currently it have over 5 million downloads presently. It was made by a Bangalore based company known as Verse.

History of Josh app 

On the 9th of September 2020, the Josh app was founded by a Bangalore based company known as Verse. Josh app is a part of Daily hunt an online news reading app and site. Dailyhunt is the parent company of Josh and Verse is the parent company of Dailyhunt.

Within a year Josh became very popular among Indians as it made only for India with 14 Indian languages supported. This is one of the most popular made in India social media platform. The present condition of Josh app.
In present days Josh gained about 5 million installs and a huge recognition among Indians because of one of the main reason, it is made in India.

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A few days ago Google make a huge investment of 1 billion dollars about 6500 crore Indian rupees. Making this investment Google said this is a part of the “Google for India program “ helping India to digitalized in its own regional languages.

By this program, Google also invested In Reliance Digital ( Jio ). Not oy Google but also many big multi-national companies also invested in Josh as it is expected to become the most downloaded Indian app. Presently the android version of Josh is only available but you expect the iOS version also as it is growing fast and attracting huge investors.

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Future of Josh app

Josh app is expected to be the most used made in India social media platform. Josh had attracted big investors like Google from all over the world. And I will keep attracting and growing. Josh has no chance of getting ban because of several reasons so whether you are a viewer or creator don’t worry Josh will never get banned like tik-tok or any other foreign app.

Performance of Josh 

Performance refers to the overall app like UI, network etc. Performance of this app is quite great but can be improved Out of 5 will probably give it 3.5 stars (as in 20201 in July) on the basis of performance.

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UI of Josh app 

Definitely, The UI is great, simple and attractive. I will give 5 out of 5 to the UI

Video quality 

Partial video quality depends on and partial on creators. Video quality could be improved. I will give 4 out of 5.

Security and safety

It is the most secure social media platform because it never takes your data for advertising or else works. So I will be 10 out of 5 to their security and safety.


If you are using another short video app. Then please shift to Josh support made in India. I know Josh need some improvements but I believe they will do so. I will recommend Josh developers to do something to attract creators maybe like doing some monetization in their account pay according to ads views.

Josh App Review Video

FAQ:- Josh Apps

Is Josh an Indian app?

Yes, Josh an Indian app

Does Josh app give money?

No official way to earn money online from the Josh Apps.

Who is the owner of Josh app?

Shobhit Banga, is the owner of Josh app.

Is Josh a Chinese app?

No, Josh is an Indian, Banglore based Company.

What is the purpose of Josh app?

To create & share short videos online.


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