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How to Zip a File in Window and Macbook 2020

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How to Zip a File in Window and Macbook

Hello, friend today I am going to tell you How to zip a file in window & MacBook 2020. First of all, you need to know what is zipping It is a method of compress a file or more files into a folder, its make large MB files into low MB file for example- 1 GB file is compressed into 600 MB the 400 MB is free space in your storage which is help to transfer the large file to any pc or mobile or another operating system. Its take less space in the storage system.

We can combine several files into a single zip file. Many of the big company is using it for keeping their files in a single storage. We can also do it by using application there are several companies which provide most of the software for doing it.

Let’s check out how to zip a file in Window and Macbook by using some simple steps as follow

Step 1:- locate the file or folder you want to zip.

Step 2:- Press and hold the file or folder now select the option to send to and then select Compressed (zipped folder )

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A new zip file was created with the same name in the same location. To rename the folder press and hold by right-clicking the folder and select rename and now type the name you want to give..your zip file is ready.

How to Unzip a file in the window

Step 1:- Locate the file you want to unzip

Step 2:- Now right-click the folder you can see the extract option there is two option extract here and extract location you can choose by own now click the option. your extracting process is being after some time it will extract now you can use your files

How to make a zip file in MacBook

Let’s do it

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Step 1:- Click the Finder icon on your MacBook dock to check the application is active or not

Step 2:- Right Click on the file or folder you want to compress or zip. Select all the files you want to zip by dragging them down and clicking the left button of your mouse.

Step 3:- After selecting all files select the option on compress and compress x items from the menu.

Step 4:- Locate the file in the same directory and where you want and rename it

Your zip file is ready

How to unzip your files

  1. It’s pretty simple just double click your compresses or zip file and select the location where you want to unzip
  2. Your file is now unzipped

Some quick steps are given below

Zip on single files

Step:- Visit your file you want to zip.
Step:- simply selected it and click right, you have seen compress and click it then it compressed now down.

Zip on multi files

Step:- Visit your file you want to zip.
Step:- simply selected all on your need and click right, you saw compress and click it then it compressed now down.

Zip file in Window

Zip on Single file

Step 1:- In File Explorer on the Windows 10 taskbar.

Step 2:- Location of the file you want to compress.

Step 3:- After that Right-click on the file.

Step 4:- Again Select Send to on the menu.

Step 5:- Finally Select the Compressed (zipped) folder in the next menu.

Step 6:-Rename your new ZIP file, and press the Enter key.

How to Zip a File in Window & Macbook 2020

Zip on multi-files

Step 1:- Visit  File Explorer on Windows here in the taskbar.
Step 2:- see your location for the files you want to add to a single ZIP file in the window system.
Step 3:- Then smily  Select all files by holding the mouse pad button the mouse will automatically create a blue selection box. All files within this box are highlighted with a light blue colour.

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