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How to Record Facebook Messenger Calls (2022)

How to Record Facebook Messenger Calls

Hy, welcome are you searching to know How to Record Facebook Messenger Calls, How to screen record messenger video calls with sound on iPhone or Android?, How to record messenger video calls with audio? and the Best video & audio call recorder so without wasting your time lets us know about this topic in deeply.

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How to record Facebook Messenger calls on Android

Very clearly word I want to say that in the Andriod system devices do not have a support recording application so if you want to record then you must use & download a support messenger call recording application to capture video calls and vital audio, DU recorder & AZ screen recorder is best apps which give good and fast quality audio and video recorded option in your system. By using the google play store you can download both apps very easily with a simple one-click and This is a great Facebook screen recorder application for Android.

how to record facebook messenger calls
how to record facebook messenger calls

How to record Facebook Messenger Calls on a PC

Facebook messenger calls are also possible to record very easily on a PC in this you know in detail how to record FB messenger call on window & Mac but first, you must Download any one of the Facebook messenger call recorders to get your recordings done.

  1. First when your software (iTop Screen Recorder, Aiseesoft recorder) is downloaded into your system then you must install it on your system.
  2. Now click and open this software and you see various icon tabs including Screen Capture, Video Recorder, Audio Recorder, & now selected here your choice if you want to record in video or audio format then select one option.
  3. Then connect your messenger call and start your software to record then the system gives a notification on your browser asking for permission to use the devices attached nowhere do you allow means to give permission otherwise it will not record your voice or video.
  4. Your record file will only be saved when you press the stop button.
  5. After you press the stop button then it will save now you can edit very easily.

How to Record Facebook messenger calls on iPhone

On other hand, many people they are also want to know is this possible to record FB calls on iPhone then we clearly said that Apple has added the screen recording feature to your iPhone mobile devices, if you want to record then here we share a few steps you must follow to understand proper ways.

  1. On your iPhone mobile device and go to the Settings area.
  2. In this section, search & hit the Control Center area.
  3. After that select Customize Controls.
  4. Now here slowly scroll below and look for the Screen Recording.
  5. Now click on green plus if you want to add a screen recorder on the control center tap.
  6. When you here click on the control center and now here you also must select the recording key to begin, Facebook video, or call.
  7. To capture audio calls only tap Microphone Audio.
  8. If your call or video while completed then for stop you click red status bar above and click stop.

People also ask:-

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Final Word:-

Now you can see here we share details about simple steps to recording a Facebook messenger call by using apps and Software and That’s it. Now, by using this method you will be able to record your Facebook Messenger calls or video call seamlessly.

So, today in this demanded article, we’ve shared with you how to record Facebook Messenger calls. You can find other articles on how to record video calls on iPhones from different platforms but here you get 100% unique, if you love this post then comment down and share your opinion with us.

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