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How to make your design in Pc

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Hello, guys today I am going to show you the best method of how to make your design. We all know about the printing business is growing very rapidly and today”s generation everyone wants a designer t-shirt which is a perfect match for them.

People also demand their personal photo and name and logo design t-shirt. So how you can print that thing in a single t-shirt. I share with you some ideas of How to make your design which is personally used by me …..

How to make your design in Pc

How to Make your design on pc? How to print it in your t-shirt

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What is customization if you think it’s hard no single person can do it easily with some painting skills? If you draw and if you have knowledge of color you can do it easily. Customization is not such hard but you need to do focus in my word here is some simple and easy steps to How to make your design.

What thing you must need to custom your design.

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A simple computer

and Good editing software if you don’t know about the software just check the Software. NO NEED TO NERVOUS GUYS if you don’t know how to use so comment down I will make a separate blog about this topic. so first download your software chosen by you above the link and open it.

Now install all the things which computer recommend now after installing all the software you guys just open it

After opening just choose your page by clicking Ctrl + n now select size according to you my best recommendation is to use A4 size now after the page is open you guys see a blank white page its a canvas where you customize your design and you can make also your new one

How to customize an old design or downloaded design

so first of all you download your favorite picture or images from any browser and go to the software and click ctrl + O a pop-up window is shown now choose your image and open it after it your photo will be shown in the software just click ctrl + A and after that click ctrl+ c your image is now copied to your clipboard after all you just need to click your canvas and press ctrl +v your image pasted in your canvas now adjust your image according to your canvas again click ctrl + t now adjust the size by dragging the corners of your image now your images fit into the canvas now your basic training is over if you need advanced training free of cost then comment down i will give you a new blog about this topic

How to print your custom design

How to make your design in Pc

now your design is ready after what we do aaaaah! not need to worry I am there you just need to print in a paper

No, you can’t print your design on normal paper you need some extra thing to transfer your design

What material you need to print

sublimation printer

sublimation paper

and sublimation ink

and you also need a heating device iron or heat press machine

now, what is sublimation? sublimation is a method where you can transfer your design by the evaporating method

if you have those things you need to print out your image just click ctrl +p

the select print setting now select print quality high and paper is matte click print your design printing is starting now

after your design is printed just take your t-shirt and put it on a plain surface now put your design into the t-shirt preheat your iron

and smoothly press the paper onto the t-shirt for 2 3 min after it waits until the cooldown and peels the paper

wooohooooo your design is transferred to t shirt thank you guys for reading it your comment is my motivation For stay updated with new technology check my all post

Another custom good how to print on it

How to create and print your design in mugs I briefly explain it

In the previous blog, I told you how to print your own t-shirt? but here I will tell you about How to create your personalize Mug

why we make our personalize mug because of these reasons

to gift a special person for feel them happy

for birthday gifts and any function

For us

There is lots of methods to customize your mug but I choose the best one

1st is by using mug heat press machine and

2nd is by using vinyl paper and cutter

How to make your design in Pc

Creating Mug by using the heat press machine

The simplest method of print is where you print any kind of design photo and fonts print on the mug with the help of sublimation paper and sublimation printer I know I always tell you about the sublimation method but seriously it is the easy and simplest method of printing however you just need simple tools. I already told you about it on my blog how to design your t-shirt please read it for more information about the design, creation and print. Now come to the point after design and printing how you can apply your design on the mug so it’s very simple Need a machine called a mug sublimation machine

How to create your personalize Mug

simple and handy machine automatic time and temperature system how to use

Step-1 take your printed design and paste it on your mug by using sublime tape

Step-2 Now open your mug printing machine and attach the power cord to the machine

plug in your machine now start the machine

Step-3 now set the time and temperature according to the manual and wait sometimes

Step-4 after your temperature is reached the point its sound beep now put your mug onto the mug slot

Step-5 adjust the pressure.

Step-6 now wait until the time is over after all the thing done

stop the machine and put out your mug by wearing gloves


Now simply peel out paper from the mug your designer mug is ready

How to create your personalize Mug

How to create Mug by using vinyl and cutting plotter machine

vinyl is the second simple method you can print your quotes and thoughts into a mug

Things you need

1. A mug of your choice

2. plotter machine

3. plotter Accessories- 

4. vinyl sheet

5. Measuring tape

6. sublimation tape

step-1 open your design to plotter application on a computer given by the machine

step-2 now select the portion which you want to cut

step-3 prepare your plotter machine to cut the design

step-4 put your favorite color vinyl paper on the plotter

step-6 now go to the application and command to cut the design your cutting machine starts cutting the design

step-7 now take out the vinyl and peel out the extra vinyl

step-8 then paste your design on the mug and put it again in heat press machine

Set the suitable time and temperature according to the manual.

Now, wait until the time is over now put out your mug your design is ready. Customize mug is flew in markets. Everyone demanded this type of mug to gift someone special. Here are some ways How to make your design.

It’s cheap and made with creativity its fun to do I hope you guys get some important knowledge about printing.

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