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How to make a slime

Here the thing which is made for a kid but like by young and old ones also because its like a cringe thing which really very satisfy to use when we put it in our hand we feel like liquid pour i n our hand but when we throw it away from our hand its wet ness is gone away
Slime is firstly made in china bymut now a day its popular in all over the world its.
So hello reader how are you i hope you all are going well and make your life more intresting by reading us so without any further delay lets get started our introduction we are the team printsflyer and we always introduce the more interesting thing in this website. So in this particular blog post we are telling about what is slime how its made and how many types of slimes were produce in factory, how can you made it by your own hand so lets get started….
So what is slime its a liquidfied material which feels like a liquid when you drop it but when you cary it its become solid its sticky but when we touch it its not feel sticky in our hand its like a magic litle kids are most like it even now i am grown up but i really love to touch it even i know you will also really love to touch it enjoy to play
What type of material slime will made
Basically its made up with simple ingredients but most important thing is what the quantity of product you use you need to have a mix of perfect quatity of material so basic material is borax powder ,glue , and hot water. You can make any kind of slime like crystal clear slime fluffy slime toothpaste slime colour slime sponge slime magnetic slime and anything which you want all are possible
Its is cheap and handy any one can make it in home so lets get started the steps of making slime
How to make simple slime
Step 1 now take a bowl and add glue and food colour on it now stir it untill its mix properly. You can use any type of colour if its fill sticky then add little bit more glue…after that now add baking soda on it and take some rest
Step 2 now take a another bowl and add some warm water and mix borax powder on it lin little little quantity and continuously stir it after if you add 100 ml water then you need 3 tablespoon of borax powder. Now set aside the borax solution for 2 to 3 hours
Step 3 after 3 hours take both solution glue and borax solution now mix the both solution togheter but you will do it carefully if you add more borax solution in it its become hard so pour it slowly slowly and when its make perfect slime stop to add borax solution …
Now your perfect slime is ready now you can enjoy it and play it …..
How to make a fluffy slime
Fluffy slime is another interesting recipe from the slime its texture like cotton and its very soft
Ingredients need to make fluffy slime
White glue
Baking soda
Warm water
Food colour
Contact lens solution or borax powder
Shaving form cream
Steps to make fluffy slime
1. Add white glue in a bowl and add some food colour on it untill your desired colour
2. Add baking soda and water on it now mix properly
3.Add shaving cream 2 spoon
4. Now you need to add borax solution or cotact lens solution on it slowly slowly until its make a perfect slime
Important thing to note milx the slime solution on little little quantity until its make slime if you add more solution its become hard and its not a slime
Note : making of slime is a scientific process you need to handle it carefully
Its not for kid always make it in prcaution of adults and safety gloves always wear in you hand. Because all of it made with chemical its cause skin issue so carefully handle it
It not made for under the age of 4 year kids
The main slime ingredients you will need:

PVA School Glue

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A Slime Activator must have to be contain some form of borax powder , sodium borate powder and boric acid)

Shaving Foam

Food coloring, glitter, confetti, and other fun mix-ins


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