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How to install Zoom program

How to install zoom program…

Today I will tell you how you can install and use the zoom program on your mobile. Hello friends! Welcome to pritnsflyer.com Hindi and English Blog. And in today’s article, we will know How to install the zoom program… And in such a situation, there is also a question in people’s mind that this How to use Zoom?

What is the zoom program?

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First of all, I would like to tell you what is zoom program and How to install Zoom program. Zoom program is a program that you can easily use on your mobile or you can use it on your laptop. The zoom program is generally used to attend meetings etc. After the lockdown, teachers are also generally using it to take classes for their children.

Zoom App is now one of the most used and loved apps during lockdown by people or users across the worldwide with more than 500+ million downloads on Google Play Store.

What are the features of the zoom program?

Friends, let me tell you that the zoom program is a very good program, through which a teacher can take the class of his children from the comfort of his home and through this, we can also attend many meetings.

Features of zoom program…

  • By hosting the zoom program, we can also take new meetings.
  • We can join any meeting with the link given by the host.
  • If we have hosted in the zoom program, you can also share your screen with other people, zoom program also provides us with the option to share the screen.
  • One of the best features of In the zoom program, we can also fix the time so that we can take time from all our meetings.
  • While taking a meeting in the zoom program, we can also record our meeting, this is also one of the best features of the zoom program.

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How to download and install the zoom program…

You can download or install the zoom program in your mobile or laptop in just 2 minutes, some facts are given below, read and understand the given facts carefully and follow them.
Step 1:- First of all, you have to open Google Play Store on your mobile or laptop.

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Step 2:- After opening Google Play Store, you will get the option of the search bar at the top, in the search bar option you have to write “zoom program”.

Step 3:- After searching the zoom program, after touching on the first option, you will get the install button on the right side, click on it, click on the install button, it will start downloading on your mobile, after downloading, you can open it. and you can attend and join your meeting.

How to install Zoom program
How to install the zoom program on the laptop

Zoom program on your laptop, you have to first pay attention to these facts, read these facts thoroughly and follow the instructions, you can easily install zoom on your laptop.

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Step1:- First of all you have to see which OS(Operating System) is in your laptop or system.
Step2:- After knowing the operating system, you have to go to any search engine like Mozilla Firefox, Chrome browser, Internet Explorer and type zoom program for (Name of your operating system) by going to the search engine of your laptop.
Step3:- First of all, by touching the link, you have to download the Sun program app, after the zoom program app is downloaded, it will be saved in the download folder of your computer.
Step4:- After going to the download folder, you have to install it by right-clicking on the zoom program app.
Step5:- The Zoom program app will be installed in the system on your laptop, now you can use it in your own way.


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