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How to get in the tank

How to get into the tank

How to get in the tank:- a super armoured and strong vehicle special operated in the army. A very powerful weapon, it is a container-like structure that is operated by man as well as by robotic. In today’s generation, many types of the tank were discovered or invented with specially made for the protection of soldiers. In this container holding liquid and gases for stay comfort

In the military, it is an armoured, self or human being operated combat vehicle which is armed with cannon and machines which is moving on caterpillar treads

So the hello reader how are you I hope you all are fine and going well. So in this particular blog, we are introducing to what is the tank and how it made how you can get into the military tanks,  for more interesting blogpost stay connected with us we provide you most interesting post on a daily basis

How its made

Tank is made with solid steels, with the layer of fibre different metals and ceramics used by many countries.it is a full solid body and have a shockproof vehicle. It is designed as heavy power, strong armour and good battlefield movability by trace armour and good battlefield movability by trade a powerful engine was also used

The first tank to engage in battle is British mark 1 tank in 1916 with Soloman camouflage scheme now a day moderns tanks are dangerous and powerful weapons a tank gun always mounted on top which can b rotated also have anti-tank guided missiles or rocket launchers have a very heavy armour which provides protection against the weapon a track is used as a wheel because it provides better grip and movement in any roads or platform just like a rugged road, muddy roads and ice field.

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Tanks can be categorized by weight (light medium heavy and super-heavy ) or doctrinal purpose ( breakthroughs cavity infantry or cannaisane tanks.) Some are very heavy armoured tank and some have a light gun .

How can get into the tank

For get into the tank, first, crawl up into the front deck then down in the hatch, you can get into the driver’s face

Some tank have the side door:- so first get into the turret then get into the deck open side door and  get into the tank

If you are the gunner loader or Tc you can climb up onto the turret when you climbing be careful don’t smack your shins from armour it hurt

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APC are a little easier.open the back door of the vehicle or lower the ramp and step I some time drivers of APC have to climb up In front to get in the hatch or they can enter the rear door and go i side the track the soem with sp artillery rmored wheeles vehicle after have regular door by heavily armoured

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