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How to Get free RDP Server (2023)

Hello friends, in this post, we will learn how to get a free RDP Server( Remote Desktop Protocol) server. But before that let’s understand what is RDP and why it is being used and many more all about it.

What is RDP Server?

Let’s say you have a toy and your friend has a toy house. With RDP, you may operate the toy and watch what’s going on inside your friend’s play house even when you’re not actually there. Using the remote control, you may play with the toys, move things about, and carry out other enjoyable activities sitting at your home.

Remote Desktop Protocol or  RDP is a server that allows users to connect and control a distant computer over a wide range of network connections because of a proprietary protocol created by Microsoft.

It does not where you are present if you have a laptop and connection you can connect with another server easily. Using RDP, you can able to manage the apps, browse files and folders, change settings, and do a variety of tasks on the remote computer.

Why do we use RDP?

RDP is used by people for various purposes. Some people utilize it when they require computer assistance, and someone far can resolve the issues by using this RDP server. Even if they are not in the same location, other people utilize it to operate their computers. The ability to use your computer from any place is like having a superpower that RDP provides.

RDP is useful for those who maintain large computers known as servers. RDP enables them to perform important tasks and check on the servers exactly as they were physically present. It’s like having a private channel to check on the performance of large computers.

Which companies provide RDP?

Names of servers that provide RDP are :-

  1. Windows Remote Desktop Services
  2. Microsoft Azure
  3. Amazon EC2
  4. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  5. TeamViewer
  6. AnyDesk

How to Get free RDP Server

Method 1: RDPHostings offers free RDP server hosting for life.

This method gets you to RDPHostings, which is a website that provides lifetime free RDP server hosting. The procedures listed below can be used to register and take advantage of a free RDP server.

  1. Go to RDPHosting’s website: Search it on Google and access only genuine websites.
  2. Sign up for an account: Fill up all the necessary details that is asked for sign up.
  3. Verify your email: After completing all the process you will get the verification mail from the website.
  4. Login: Use the login information you used at registration process to access your newly formed RDPHostings account after your email has been verified.

After logging in, you will find the RDPHostings account to access the free RDP server. Find the option to access the free RDP server or to start a new RDP server. To continue, click on itStart using your free RDP server.

Read all the privacy and other necessary information before using it.

Method 2: Use Microsoft Azure to get RDP for free for a year.

Microsoft Azure, which is a well-known cloud computing platform, will use Microsoft Azure to build a free RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for a period of 12 months only. But for this, all we need is just an edu mail which is provided by your school and university. If you don’t have the edu mail either you can get it from your friend or relative or there are some different methods to create it you can watch the youtube tutorial video for it.

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft Azure and check the RDP server over it and click on Activate now over it.
  • Create a Microsoft account or sign in: If you have a Microsoft account then log in with the existing account or otherwise made a new account.
  • Verify your email: For your email address to be verified, follow the instructions. Your name, phone number, and other information are necessary.
  • Check your school/college email: Open the site, enter your student or work email address, and continue with the verification procedure. Log in to your university email account and finish the other verification procedures.
  • Access the $100 Azure credit: After successful completion of the verification process, you will have access to $100 in Azure credit that may be used to set up and maintain your RDP.

Congratulations after doing all the required processes you have successfully obtained a free RDP with Microsoft Azure that is valid for 12 months once the creation process is complete. Now that you have this RDP, you can connect to your virtual computer and use it from a distance.

Remember when utilizing the free RDP, it’s necessary to check out Azure’s terms of service and other guidelines. Utilize this chance wisely and get the most out of your free RDP experience with Microsoft Azure.




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