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A History of screen printing brief and detail

Hello readers, here I share some points and brief details about the screen printing, History of screen printing where it is originate.

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We know the printing is going vast day by day every thing. Printing is a way of sharing and giving information about the particular subject. For example we see lots of books and pamphlets with some images and information .

Now a day world wide printing income is more then a gaming business. Day by day its become huge so we are going to explain whether its start how it start,

Where is first machine invent , how much paper print in first machine, what was its feature so lets get start.

History of screen printing


Serigraphy is the another name of screen printing and silk screen printing. Its a simple process with long history in the field of art and technique.

Screen printing :- It is a process where we block a particular area and use a stencil and put ink through it to transfer a design.

This printing is originate in china in mid of 8th centuary during the period of song dynasty . And other asian country like japan add innovation in it and make a lots of changes which make it more efficient .

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Screen printing is use to print in several surfaces fabric to ceramic.

We simply adjust the screen according to area:-

Therefore, large area cover by large silk screen similarly, small are cover by small silk screen.

There are two types of ink available and we need special kind of knowledge to understand how to use of ink in different surface .

Classification of screen printing criteria :-

History of screen printing
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Types of screen printing surfaces :- Paper , cardboard , textiles , poleymeric , leather , metal and non woven.

Types of colour print :- we can use 1 colour to 4 colour generally known as cmyk , also use by some special ink and varnishing ink.

We can print small size to large size with help of screen printing.

Water based ink solvent ink and uv light ink are use in screen printing.

Two method of printing by cylindrical support and flat support.

How screen printing were started ;-

History of screen printing

Screen printing is one of the most ancient technique of art of applying design on t shirt .

The technique of printing in ancient period is same as modern period .

The most of author says the origin is china and egypts . Actually we can say the origin of silk screen printing is varieties.

Firstly some authors discover Japanese use the technique for print. So we say that beginning of screen printing are uncertain. Archaeologists findd the stencils which are thousand of years old which is proving that the art of designing cloth is so far in time.

How stencil were made :-

The discovery of stencil is also interesting, Michael andrew the speaker of cave wall painting of prehistoric europe. Suggest the cab magnon man around 20000 years ago , he using his paintbrush a technique of blowing pulverised pigment.

Usually made of iron and magenese oxide , through a reed or hollow bone to outline the countrous of his animal drawings. Although this type printing not a conform with one idea of stenciling .

Insects boring holes through leaves of plant may be uses as stencil by the primitive man.

In the fiji island the islander use a banana leaf as stencil make a vegetable dye and apply into their bark made or leaf handmade cloth .

The round and repetitive design in painting is another way of printing. We say that the stencil are also made up with another material rather then the wood. Probably its made with up different type of material. Due to those stories of artifacts find by the archaeologists are prove that the screen printing or stencil printing is a very old method since the primitive time.

In 1907 the Sir Aurel Stein, a noted British Archaeologists discover the oldest stencil from the cave of thousand Buddha in Western China which is sealed behind the walls.

The origin of silk screen printing in south america even they use silk screen for decorating clothes. A thin silver plate with some geographical design were use by the Peruvians. A thin silver plate is also found in coast of Peru .

Stencil printing for cloth, wall hanging and room dividing reached at high level of technical and artistic perfection most likely in at Japanese history. The Emperor Shomu encourage the beautiful workmen ship and promote artistic development.

Lets discuss about some facts of screen printing :-

History of screen printing

1.In the early period of screen printing in japan the stencil made up with cut out of paper and mesh with human hair and stiff brush.

2.In the France the screen printing were started in 17th centuary. here, that the practice of stretching silk over a frame to support stencils was initiated but it is now known by whom.

3.In the 20th century squeezes were introduce.

4. The name Serigraphy is give by the artistic group of new work who is trying the screen print on paper.

5. The first design print as a promotion purpose is a title of movie in t shirt.

6. The selling of t shirt become more popular after the screen printing there are selling more then 2 billion t shirt world wide.

Screen printing make the great revolution its easy handy and print on any surface. In this blog we discuss about the screen printing method. A very old method originate in several countries, old stencils find in caves, how primitive people use stencil.

How the name Serigraphy given and we also studies about the some interesting facts about the screen printing. Now it is time learn more thing about printing on next blog.

I hope you guys enjoy to read and my post also help to increase the knowledge about the printing.

Screen printing is only one method of printing there are huge number of varieties.

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