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Hey Google Turn off Talkback (2023)

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Hey Google Turn off Talkback

Here we know Hey Google Turn off Talkback you can use the volume key shortcut to turn TalkBack on or off. 

  1. First, you find on your device, find both volume keys.
  2. Then you Press & hold both volume keys for 3 seconds.
  3. Now, if you want to turn close TalkBack on or off, press both volume keys again for 3 seconds.

Option 2: With Google Assistant

Every day people do not search they talk to google with the help of an assistant to get answers here using google assistant you can also turn off or turn on talkback.

  1. In the Setup wizard or in settings, after you turn on Google Assistant, say “Hey Google.”
  2. Say “Turn off TalkBack” or “Turn on TalkBack.”

Option 3: With device settings

  1. On your mobile or laptop device, open Settings.
  2. Now, Select Accessibility TalkBack.
  3. Turn Use TalkBack on or off.
  4. Select Ok.

Things to be aware of when TalkBack is on

  • The first toy clicks to select your needed item, then you double-tap it to turn it on.
  • Now again you very quickly use 2 fingers to scroll. 
  • When “System navigation” is set to “Gesture navigation”, use 2 fingers instead of one for gestures like home, back or recent apps.
  • Here you can see here by default, TalkBack speaks the password characters to you. Here you can as well as change the setting to make sure that your phone doesn’t speak the characters in the protected field.

People also ask

How do I turn off TalkBack without setting?

find both volume keys. Now you tap Press & simple hold both volume keys for 2-3 seconds only . Now you sure to confirm that you want to turn TalkBack on or off,

How do I turn off TalkBack on Samsung?
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Go to your mobile Settings. 2 Select Accessibility. 3 Tap into TalkBack. 4 Toggle TalkBack On or Off.

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