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Happy New Year in Italian (2023)

Happy New Year in Italian

First things first, let’s start with the main subject of this post and know Happy New Year in Italian.

It can be shortened to “buon anno“, and you can extend it to everyone by saying “buon anno a tutti“.

How to say Happy New Year in Italian

Christmas and Happy New Year are coming. Also, after our post on Christmas good tidings and words, now is the ideal time to figure out how to say Blissful merry Christmas and happy new year in Italian language.

New Year and New Year’s Eve are significant festivals in each culture. Also, similar to each and every other occasion, they accompany their own arrangement of related words and neighborhood customs.

Happy New Years

Here you can see Happy new years in Italian language:-

  • happy new year:- “”Buon anno”
  • happy new year Friend:- “buon anno nuovo amico”
  • happy new year Mom:- “buon anno mamma”
  • happy new year sister:- “buon anno sorella”
Happy New Year in Italian
Happy New Year in Italian

How do you wish someone a happy new year in Italian?

Tanti auguri di buon anno! Best wishes for a happy new year! Tanti cari auguri di buon anno!

You know how to wish a happy new year in Italian, and you’ve grown your vocabulary with:

  • Capodanno – New Year’s Day;
  • Vigilia di Capodanno – New Year’s Eve;
  • Concerto di Capodanno – New Year’s Concert;
  • Botti di Capodanno – New Year’s Fireworks.
  • Notte di San Silvestro – Saint Sylvester’s Night, another name for New Year’s Eve;
  • Cenone di Capodanno – the Big New Year’s Dinner;
  • Tombola – the Italian bingo;
  • Saltacavallo – a card game that is often played during the Holidays;


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