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Eratosthenes biography novel and quick guide 2021

Hello readers how are you all ? I hope you all are doing well . In this post i will tell you about a great scientist and a great inventor and a poet Eratosthenes biography .Here you get complete information about the Eratosthenes biography .

Actually , Who is Eratosthenes are you guys eager to know who is he ? He founds the earth is actually not flat it is round, Very interesting to know Yes of course my brothers now slide down and enjoy to read .

Who is Eratosthenes ? And his biography

Eratosthenes biography
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He was born in 276 BC in Cyrene and died in 194 BC in age of 82 in Alexandria. He was a great Greek mathematician , geographer ,poet and music theorist. Mostly he work with geography He also known as father of geography .He was a man of learning and become chief librarian in Alexandria library , He always study with geography he found great discoveries in the field of geography .

His father name is Aglaos , Home town is Cyrene now in Libya. Eratosthenes was educated in philosophy and mathematics in Athens. He teaches the geography.

Eratosthenes Gives us the method to find the prime number known as The sieve of Eratosthenes.

Eratosthenes found about Earth is sphere

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The Eratosthenes was the firstly discover the size of earth with good accuracy . He discover the shape of earth is really sphere which seems as great discovery . At this time he use his knowledge of observation , deduction and mathematics to calculate the size .

He also saw that the earth rotate once a day .Therefore he form the imaginary line from north pole to south pole through the center of the earth .

At this time He also produce the first map of the world featuring meridian lines and parallel lines. Similarly to our modern lines of latitude and longitude .

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After that he invent a sphere called as Armillary sphere, It is very important discovery of that time for astronomer to find the celestial objects.

He is great scientist ever who discover the most of important things which is very useful for us .

We really thank to his great discoveries which is provide us a proper way of studies.

Above all, He also find the scientific reason of Nile river . He found that why River Nile flooded every year I.e – Heavy rain causes the flood in Egypt in every year .

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Therefore, He discovered the geography. It is a Greek word which Means Earth and field of study.

Eratosthenes famous for

Eratosthenes biography

Eratosthenes measured Earth’s circumference mathematically using two surface points to make the calculation. He noted that the sun rays fell vertically at noon in Syene  . In Alexendria , also in Egypt, at the same date and time, sunlight fell at an angle of about 7.2° from the vertical.

Clearly, His discoveries were great and mind blowing

He also tries to fix the dates of literary and political events by the siege of troy.

Eratosthenes noted some important things like he discover that the rays of sunlight is parallel to each other. Sunlight fell at the angle of about 7.3 degree from vertical. He estimated the perfect distance between two cities . He was able to find Circumferance of earth .

Everything is not always going to be easy his a book about the constellation his only surviving work. In this book we can study about the story of every constellation star without a doubt we can count the start on it. But here is always a villian some of astronomer did not like his theories. He wrote two book of geography known as starbo.

So why i am telling you about the Eratosthenes Biography, So the reason behind it that he was a great scientist who discover the geography and i am very grad to write about a great personality . He is not only a great philospher even he is also a great scientist and My post is about science and printing so its my duty to write about it .

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