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Apple Black Friday Sales in India 2022-23

Apple Black Friday Sales in India 2022

Apple Black Friday Sales in India 2022 will be the biggest shopping event of the year, and it has already begun at some retailers. We are already seeing new technology deals, including TVs, laptops, and games, but more importantly Apple devices as well.

Though it started as a one-day deal in the US, it has since evolved into a weekend-running drop night on Black Friday. Today, this takes longer, with some retailers starting weeks before the holidays. In fact, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, Caris, Veri, and AO all launched Black Friday. We’ll soon call it Black November.

Best Apple Black Friday Deals

Apple Black Friday Sales in India 2022
Apple Black Friday Sales in India 2022
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Here as you can see the latest full and updated list of Apple Black Friday Sales in India expected Black Friday deals and the lastest offer on Apple’s special shopping event and that event will be starting November 25.

Apple MacBook Air, 13.6-inch, 2022, 256GB SSD

John Lewis & Partners has slashed the price of its latest MacBook Air with the M2 chip by £60 this Black Friday. Released in July this year, it’s thinner and lighter than the previous MacBook Air, has a redesigned keyboard, and sees the return of fan-favorite feature MagSafe Charge “The M2 processor is significantly faster than the already popular M1, and battery life is still much better.” It is,” said our reviewer in his review of the laptop. “The new MacBook Air shines with a nice lightweight, crisp display, excellent keyboard, fast user interface, and a glorious design that drops one’s jaw.”

Apple iPad Pro M2 12.9-inch 2022, 256GB

You can save £50 on the latest iPad Pro in this inaugural Black Friday deal courtesy of John Lewis & Partners. When I reviewed the tablet when it launched last month, our writers were full of praise. “The massive iPad Pro looks especially bright (thanks to the tiny LED backlight that lights up everything, literally), and has a super-fast processor for anything you throw at it. They wrote delicately in their review handles.

“Not everyone needs all this power, although faster processing benefits the tablet’s overall functionality. If you’re looking for a really good tablet, this is the iPad Pro.”

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Apple iPhone 14: 128 GB

This Black Friday deal can save you £72 on your new iPhone 14 at Carphone Warehouse for 24 months. The plan previously cost £49.99 and is offered by ID Mobile, part of the Tri network. You can enjoy unlimited 5G data, anywhere, and other benefits like roaming in 50 countries worldwide included.
In our review of the phone, our reviewer noted that the exterior looks like the iPhone 14, but its “internal hardware, from cameras to mail recognition, is very unique there.” They also said: “It’s a fast and attractive smartphone whose stylish design and build quality has been ideal, i such as a waterproof and rugged screen and a much better camera”.
Apple MacBook Air M1, 2020, 256GB SSD.

Although it’s been around for a few years now, the MacBook AR M1 is still being sold by Apple, along with the newer (and more expensive) M2 model (£1,119, Currys.co.uk) Apple is still charging the Air M1’s original selling price of £999, but 12 for Very A Black Friday % made the deduction.

This MacBook Air model is featured in our collection of best high-end laptops for maximum performance. Our tester said the MacBook Air is small and extremely thin, made all the more appealing by its thin design – 0.41 inches thick at the thinnest point. However, this new version first replaces Intel’s processor with Apple’s own silicon. The M1 chip is very fast.

Black Friday store deals

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Below is a list of popular chains offering Black Friday deals in physical stores or online, with each organized by the Apple-to-Apple deal category.

Walmart:- As in years past, Walmart is offering a full month of savings in November. A full list of times can be found below, but for now, we’re just focusing on the week of Black Friday, starting November 21 at 7 p.m. It has yet to be confirmed, but last year the store opened at 5 a.m. local time on a Monday morning.

Of course, Walmart+ users can pre-shop for deals in this “Black Friday Deals for Days” program. If you are a subscriber, each event begins at 12 p.m. ET on opening day, 7 p.m. Start time for everything else.

Target has yet to announce detailed plans or deals for the week of Black Friday. But like many other retailers, by the time Black Friday starts, deals on hundreds of items have already begun. Back in November, it included several Apple devices, which we’ve rounded up below.

Best Buy:-
Like Target, Best Buy has yet to give us specifics on its Black Friday week plans. But since the Black Friday deals started, it’s been offering discounts on Apple’s MacBook Pro, Beats headphones, AirPods, and much more on its website.

Be sure to check back later this month for more on Best Buy’s latest Black Friday deals. For now, we’ve got some major deals on TVs, audio, laptops, streaming equipment, and more that will be available to you in early November. We recently published more Best Buy Black Friday deals in a post about the retailer

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